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​Ahead of the 37th running of the Virgin Money London Marathon this weekend (Sunday 23rd April 2017), Angela Sells from asphysiotherapy, who has worked as physiotherapist to England Women’s Rugby 7’s teams, Gloucester and Hartpury RFC brings you her 10 top tips on: 

How best to recover from long distance or marathon runs?

Key Principles:

1. Rebuild
2. Replenish
3. Rehydrate

The 10 top tips to help achieve these principles:

1). Hydrate
Look to hydrate gradually within 10-15 minutes of the run, an electrolyte solution is good to support rehydration.

2). Re-fuelling
Eat a small meal or snack, aim to eat this within 25-30 minutes after a run.  Try to eat a higher ratio of carbohydrate to protein 4/3:1.

3). Stretch
All major muscle groups and any areas of tightness or soreness.  Try to keep moving and stretch within 25-30 minutes for 10-15 minutes if you can. Stretches should be held for 20-30 seconds.

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4). Cold and compression
The use of an ice bath or cold shower (lower limbs) for 5 minutes if available.  Special attention to the feet which would benefit from cold treatment. If you have any compression garments or socks use them post run after cold treatment.

5). Eat a decent size healthy meal.

6). Rest
If you can rest! Take a nap or put your feet up if possible.

7). Massage
At least 2 hours after a run or the next day try to get a massage to help the legs recover.  Gentle foam rolling will help if this is not an option.

8). Take a bath and stretch further afterwards.

9). Sleep
Get a good nights sleet and rest, try to aim for at least 8 hours.

10). Training
Recover with cross training, off feet such as a bike or swimming session with help.  A gentle short recovery run when you feel up to it.

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